Grenada Citizenship in 6 months

Through a $ 220,000 investment in hotel shares

    Possibility to obtain an E-2 Visa to the USA
    Visa-free travel to 131 countries, including China and Schengen countries
    Life long citizenship for the whole family
    Citizenship is passed on to other generations 
    Reliable Developer with a worldwide solid reputation
    Minimum asset holding period - 5 years
    Guaranteed return of investment in 5 years as per signed agreement
    Possibility to live and work in Grenada
    Favorable taxation


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Why Grenada?

The Citizenship-by-Investment Program of Grenada is one of the most sought-after and the fastest programs in the world. It gives a lot of benefits:

E-2 visa to the United States 

Up to 10 years visas to USA and Canada

Visa-free travel to over 131+ countries

The right to live and work in Grenada

All family members can obtain the citizenship

Grenada Citizenship can be inherited

Exit investment in 5 years

Social and political security 

No global income, wealth and inheritance tax

Remote application process

No requirement to reside in Grenada

No interview requirement

No English language requirement

Steps toward Grenada Citizenship


Reservation agreement

Submission of documents 

Registration and payments

Citizenship application

Citizenship confirmation

Grenada passport for the whole family

What are the requirements?

Who can obtain Grenada citizenship?

What are the requirements?

• Be at least 18 years old
• Absence of sanctions, restrictions or bans on entry to EU countries, USA, the UK, and Canada

• Absence of a criminal record and criminal proceedings for serious crimes

• Source of funds proof

• Impeccable personal and business reputation

• Enough funds for the required investment

Grenada’s passport is a door to the USA through E-2 visa for establishing a business or running a representative office

Company picture

Investment and fees

* The total cost of obtaining citizenship depends on the number and age of applicants. The main costs shall be as follows:

● Cost of the luxury boutique hotel share - $220,000● Government fee for the family of 4 - $50,000● Due Diligence - $5,000 per person● Application fees - $1,500 per person● Processing fees - $4,000● Share registration fees - $8,800● Passport fees - $250 per person● Net cost - $20 per person

Only 31 suites in a luxury boutique hotel

The hotel is set on a picturesque quiet beach in Portici bay


A place designed for a carefree relaxing holiday in the Caribbean


Each room has its own unique design


SPA centre and gourmet Italian restaurant


The construction started in April 2021


The first guests are expected in December 2022


Grenada citizenship gives visa-free entry to 131 countries including Great Britain, EU, China, Hong Kong, Singapore

How can our experts help you?

Providing complete information about the investment package

Calculation of the investment amount, support of the bank transfer procedure

Consultation on the citizenship application conditions and requirements 

Help in preparing documents for citizenship application

Providing information about the country of investment and the Developer

Conducting a comparative analysis with other citizenship programs