Grenada Citizenship Program

Investment in Hotel Shares from USD 220.000

    Business and/or family relocation to the USA
    Visa-free travel to 140+ countries
    The right to live and work in Grenada
    Citizenship for the family
    Citizenship can be inherited
    Global mobility
    Social and political security 
    Exit investment in 5 years
    No original documents required
    Low amount of investments
    Time to Grenada Passport - 2 months
    No requirements to reside in Grenada

Live Webinar: Grenada Citizenship Program

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Date: September, 16thTime: 6 p.m. – 7 p.m. (Delhi time) Language: EnglishModerator: Anastasia Yianni, Global Citizenship Advisor

Start the process of relocation to the USA via Grenada Passport in:


Discover all other benefits of Grenada Citizenship Program with our experts!

Webinar starts at 6 p.m. on 16 September 2020

Agenda for the Webinar


Alternative Citizenship

● Why an alternative passport is especially important in the context of political, economic and social instability?● Why are remote application citizenship programs in demand? ● What are the benefits in the post-pandemic period?


How can you get Grenada Citizenship?

● Requirements● Process● Time line


Why do Indian investors choose Grenada?

● Possibility of relocating to the USA to start a new life for business and a new future for your family. ● E2 visa and EB5 visa.● What is the process to immigrate to the US with Grenada passport?


All you need to know about Grenada and getting Grenada Passport

● Where is Grenada?● How is Grenada’s economic outlook? ● If it is an investment, what profit will I have?● Can I relocate to Grenada after getting citizenship and work there? ● How can I travel and keep both passports if I live in India?● Where do I pay taxes if I have 2 passports?● For how many years is a Grenadian passport valid? How can I renew it?● How can Grenadian citizenship help my child’s education?● Can I apply for citizenship with my family?



● Why investing in hotel shares is considered the most reliable?● Government guarantees. Profitability. ● What should I consider when choosing the project and the developer for investment?● What am I buying for these 220K USD? Is it hotel room? 2 hotel rooms?● Will the shares be registered on my name?● I prefer real estate because I want to have a title on my name.


Process Peculiarities

● What is the procedure for choosing the project, transferring the money and preparing the relevant documents for Grenada citizenship? ● How can Global Citizenship experts help you with this? ● Who are our partners? ● What is the procedure and the timeline?● How can I pay for this from India?● Do I pay everything in the beginning?● Do I need to visit Grenada to complete process?


Investment security and ROI

● What do I lose if my application will not be approved by Government?● Is there any buy back option after 5 years?● What is the process of selling the shares in 5 years?● What are the risks for selling the shares in 5 years time? ● Can the amount drop dramatically?

Grenada Citizenship Program
General Benefits

Grenada’s passport is a door to the USA through E-2 visa for business and family relocation. Discover the details!