Live Webinar: Benefits of Grenada Citizenship Program for South African Investors 

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Date: April, 28thTime: 3 p.m. – 4 p.m. (Johannesburg time) Language: EnglishModerator: Anastasia Yianni, Global Citizenship Advisor

Grenada Citizenship Program

Investment in Hotel Shares from USD 220.000

    Business and/or family relocation to the USA
    Global mobility: visa-free travel to 140+ countries
    The right to live and work in Grenada
    Citizenship for the family that can be inherited
    Social and political security 
    Exit investment in 5 years
    No original documents required
    Time to Grenada Passport - 2 months
    No requirements to reside in Grenada

Start the process of relocation to the USA via Grenada Passport in:


Discover all other benefits of Grenada Citizenship Program with our experts!

Webinar starts at 3 p.m. on 28 April 2020

This event is for you if you are looking for:

    Insurance against instability in South Africa
    Visa free travel to more than 144 countries 
    Relocation of your family and business to the USA
    Access to advantageous tax system 
    Acceess to best education for your children 

Benefits from your participation:

The webinar will give you answers to 3 main questions you may have regarding obtaining Grenada citizenship:

     Benefits and potential that Grenada passport can open for its holders
    Citizenship application procedure  
    Relocation to the USA via E2-Visa 

Agenda for the Webinar


Alternative Citizenship

Why obtaining an alternative passport is especially important in the context of political, economic and social instability in the post-pandemic period?  


Benefits of getting Grenada Passport

Why do investors choose Grenada? Benefits of getting Grenada Passport. Visa free travel to 144 countries. Access to the best education systems in EU and USA. 


How can you get Grenada Passport online?

Requirements, process, time line. 


Relocation to USA

Possibility of relocating to the USA to give a new start to your business and a new future to your family. E2 visa. 


All you need to know about Grenada

Where is Grenada? How is Grenada’s economic outlook? Can investor relocates to Grenada after getting citizenship and work there?


Investments in Hotel Shares

Why investing in hotel shares is considered the most reliable? Government guarantees. Profitability. 


What is the procedure?

What is the procedure for choosing the project, transferring the money and preparing the relevant documents for Grenada citizenship? How can Global Citizen Advizors help you with this?  

Grenada Citizenship Program
General Benefits

Grenada’s passport is a door to the USA through E-2 visa for business and family relocation. Discover the details!

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